Top Personal Injury Lawyers In Massachusetts

Top Personal Injury Lawyers In Massachusetts – Best Lawyers in New England – Recognized for Unsatisfying Results Lubin & Meyer has been described as New England’s hardest-working, most successful medical malpractice and personal injury law firm.

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Top Personal Injury Lawyers In Massachusetts

Along with the April 2022 cover story, “Success and Leadership by All Goals” is reproduced in full below.

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Headquartered in Boston, Lubin & Meyer represents injured individuals and their families in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, and has a record of success unmatched by any other firm in the region.

Success and Leadership by All Measures Lubin & Meyer has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working, most successful medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury law firms in New England. And the proof is in the results

The success of personal injury law firms can be measured in a number of ways This can be quantified by the number of favorable results and the total compensation amount; Or it can be qualified through the company’s impact on law, its impact on society and the level of customer satisfaction Lubin & Meyer is considered the most successful medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury law firm in New England and consistently outperforms all other law firms in these fields. While other firms may make these claims in their advertising, Lubin & Meyer recommends comparing actual results when choosing a law firm.

In 2021, Lubin & Meyer again dominated Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly records for the largest verdicts and settlements of the year, securing more settlements of $1,000,000 or more than any other firm in the Commonwealth.

Manuel L. Dobrinsky Named Best Lawyers® 2023 “lawyer Of The Year”

Through its innovative trial and negotiation strategies, the firm has secured numerous record-setting multimillion-dollar outcomes in both medical malpractice and personal injury cases—results unmatched by any other firm.

“Medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury law are two complex practice areas,” said Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., founding partner. Medical Malpractice Act of 2007 – Plaintiffs “It can be a dangerous world, which is why we are working so hard to address and resolve the problems in our healthcare system and improve the vulnerability that the public faces.”

Meyer continued, “Litigation is really the only way that patients and consumers can address the dangers of unsafe medicines or products in hopes of making them safer for all of us. It’s our job to get our customers fair compensation for their injuries. But we’re committed to changing systemic problems and standard practices.” also works and it benefits all customers.”

The firm is known for taking on challenging and high-profile cases — such as “patient dumping,” concurrent (double-booking) surgeries and computer dosing errors — all occurring at major Boston hospitals. The firm’s work often produces significant and important results that have led to precedents in consumer and tort law

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Earlier, the firm negotiated a $14 million settlement on behalf of a client, his wife and mother, who was injured due to a medical laboratory error. This is not a typical medical malpractice case This requires an interdisciplinary trial team to conduct an in-depth study to gain an understanding of the interactions between providers and the steps in the laboratory process. Lubin & Meyer was able to discover a pattern of misinformation that emerged from the lab, leading to preventable customer losses. A Massachusetts laboratory has received a $14 million settlement for a consumer for what is believed to be a record amount of error.

“It was very satisfying to achieve this result for the client, whose case was resolved in just over a year,” says Meyer. “Our expertise has allowed us to discover real patterns that shed light on the big picture and how it can affect the public. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link If just one doctor or staff member acts on incorrect information, it can have life-changing consequences for the patient. “

Shouting words about the medical profession is not mayor His views were featured in a Boston Magazine exposé, “Secret Truths About Boston Doctors,” in which he detailed a Massachusetts medical system that, according to the magazine, often protects dangerous doctors at the expense of unsuspecting patients.

“We’re seeing a high rate of birth defects and underdiagnosis of cancer by doctors not responding to the symptoms patients are reporting,” he says. “This should signal testing for early detection and doctors prescribing it for other diseases instead. By the time cancer is diagnosed, it’s too late. We see very little effort to protect patients from the kind of harm that traditionally occurs. Lack of awareness or follow-up.” Lack. These types of claims appeared prominently even before the pandemic and are now unfortunately more common.”

Size Matters: Morgan & Morgan Secures $120 Million Verdict, One Of Largest Ever

In addition to the five attorneys honored here for inclusion on the 2022 Best Lawyers list, Meyer’s team is made up of related attorneys who include nurses, doctors, administrative staff, computer programmers, economists and quality control. “Everyone in our office is dedicated to seeking justice for victims of injury and malpractice, and we are known for favorable decisions and outcomes.”

In 2013, he was featured in a cover story with Andrew Meyer, “The Powerhouse Medical Malpractice Law Firm Focusing on Restoring Lives and Improving Medicines.” The article states,

The systemic improvements the company has forced over the years have been significant In just one example, the Lubin & Meyer case revealed a bug in a key computer system at a Boston hospital that allowed doctors to overdose a patient, resulting in his death, prompting the hospital to change its protocols and install a backup system to protect it. Same tragedy

In 2015, Robert Higgins, a Boston medical malpractice lawyer of choice, published a cover article on patient safety and the safety of reliable medications. In that context, Higgins quotes,

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The fact is that medical errors are endemic to our healthcare system, they are a leading cause of death in this country, and as a company it is our goal not only to obtain maximum compensation for our clients, but also to ensure that. Patient safety for the public. Improving any system requires change, which in turn requires leadership and that is where we excel. “

In 2016, the firm’s partners honored Lubin & Meyer’s leadership in patient safety issues with the title “Best Lawyers of Two Decades,” earning nationwide recognition. Case in point: the Lubin & Meyer lawsuit at the center of a controversy over single-surgeon double-booking (overlap) surgery practices used by surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital—which was published by the Boston Globe’s spotlight exposing team practices and changes required by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine. brings

Patients deserve a healthcare system where safety is paramount and errors are not simply swept under the carpet By exposing the lack of quality care in these institutions, we have helped create a safer environment for patients everywhere. “

In 2020, Best Lawyers called for New England attorney Meyer’s Massachusetts Board of Registration to reform medicine, citing self-regulation that protects doctors over patients.

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“As one of New England’s most recognized medical malpractice lawyers, he has built a firm around his mission – to serve those who have been seriously injured by the errors and failures of the complex, often secret medical system. Our work shines a light.” Dangerous practices, a medical system that is unable to regulate itself, and errors that are by definition avoidable, Meyer says. Call for a free case review.

You can request a free case review to have a claim evaluated by their experienced medical malpractice team and personal injury attorneys.

Lubin & Meyer can evaluate your case for free Please use the form below or call us now For 60 years, Chef Law’s unique combination of skills, experience and resources has enabled our clients to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in serious personal injury and death cases.

Our continued success is due to our unique team approach, which sets us apart from others We are fortunate to receive referrals from across the country and have handled some of the most important and high profile cases of the decade:

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